Star Dreams and new work

So I spent the evening dreaming of stars and stitching new things.
It has a calming effect on me. My body is still sore and my thoughts
still tangled but I am working in the right direction I think.

I have pushed too hard and expected too much
and now it's time let go of the expectations, take some time to just sit,
relax and enjoy the cloth and the thread.

I like these two pieces. They both speak to me, and that's what I want.

I don't like when my work is silent, This is driving me crazy and
I often have thoughts of tearing it to pieces.

Parts of it I love, others I hate. It seems so garish to me right now.
I have left it on the board until it speaks to me again.
3 comments on "Star Dreams and new work"
  1. Maybe it's too busy for you right now?...put it away and start something "quieter"...more soothing...

    ...the time will come for it's completion..

  2. I think you are right Chris...way too busy for me. When I look at my other cloths in their soothing blues I am happy. That one...it just makes my head hurt LOL

  3. Don't ever grow idle! We are a family of artists....some of us truer to our work than to the dreaded work "craft"! But when we stop...HOW!?! tell me! How can we start again.
    Your work out shines your words, so follow your heart, and never stop stitchin!! =)