Dye experiments and more quilting

I have been busy at my dye table. First off I decided to make color samples on velvet so I have a reference point. I will be working up combination recipes also. I like the convenience of quick mix colors but I started with a few colors and learned to combine them into more, and I like to have a nice list of known colors that I can make in an instant. I will never stop my experimenting and love just throwing colors willy nilly and seeing what comes of it but there are times when I want a bit more control. So this has been one project I have been busy with this week.

I also did a color experiment on this piece of flannel. This is wonderful thick soft fluffy flannel. It is a double weave and a double wide cut. I have decided to make some nice warm scarves from it and wanted to gauge the color depth to know how to proceed. I was quite happy with the richness of this piece. Flannel does seem to lend a dreamy note to it though, doesn't it? I ripped off four scarf lengths to dye, the first one going to my dear daughter. I think they will have a fringed edge all around, the sides being about 1/4 inch and the ends longer. I washed them and though they seem to matt enough to keep the fringe from fraying I am wondering if I should stitch them anyway just to ensure they stay in place. Cotton isn't wool for sure so I guess it is better to be safe than sorry. Anyone have any experience with this type of flannel?

I also ripped a pile of velvet, cut lots of ribbon and gauze, some quarters and some scarf blanks. I never did get any input on different sizes of gauze so I will continue with those two sizes for now. I have a nice batch of all of them washing away right now in the machine. I cant wait to see what comes out!

Lastly, I have been spending my evenings quilting on this. I am really enjoying this piece and the peace that comes with it!

Hope you are having a peaceful and creative weekend!
5 comments on "Dye experiments and more quilting"
  1. Lovely quilting! I find this technique with the cloth "worms" very interesting. What is it called? If I know, I might find a tutorial or hints.

  2. I have no idea Eva. I just call it fiber wraps. i take a long strip of cloth about 2cm wide, do a tri fold, lay it where I want it to go and stitch it down with three strands of embroidery floss. then I put a new strip next to it. I really like the effect.

  3. Of course, I am excited to see the results from your dye table, Diane, the transformation of the velvets BUT....your *peace* stitching, now that is something else indeed.

    There is another soul stitching similarly, you might like to see: http://judys-journal.blogspot.com/2010/10/stitching-in-car-day-10.html

    Best to you, Diane :>]

  4. Oh my goodness Sweetpea, she is amazing isn't she? Just beautiful work! Thank you so much for that :)

  5. you have been so busy! all the colours are stunning.