Me as a tattooed lady one year for Halloween

Here in France Halloween is not really celebrated. Too many people here view it as a commercial holiday and have no interest in it. If you are lucky you might see a few children wondering to and fro, hoping to find someone with some candy. Occasionally you will find a store that actually has a selection of costumes and decorations, but for the most part it just isn't happening. I miss it, a lot. When I lived in Seattle it was all out craziness. Everyone I knew dressed up. There were costume parties on every block. Decorations galore! It has always been my favorite holiday and my friends and I would sometimes plan months in advance for our costumes. My favorite one was the dark fairy costume I made with the mini skirt made from iridescent taffeta leaves, black fish nets and combat boots. It was a blast!
So today I guess I am feeling a little bit homesick. I am wondering what everyone will be up to, what they dressed up as and anticipating great photos on facebook later this week. I am finding comfort though in my studio. I come in here and find myself surrounded by the things I love. I have been so hard at work and I see it in evidence everywhere I look:

The scarves hanging on the door patiently waiting their turn at the sewing machine,
which is patiently waiting for...

My new walking foot! It finally arrived :)

Piles of velvet squares sorted into packs, waiting for their photography session.

And pretty little pieces waiting to be made into tarot card bags.

I finally have these two finished and mounted on velvet, all they need is a session with the sewing machine, ties and tassels.

So I may not have Halloween this year..again, but I have this wonderful studio full of beautiful materials to play with to my hearts content. I let a little spookiness shine through with my last few pieces and that was fun!

5 comments on "Halloween...where?"
  1. Oh wow! Diane on a Halloween party! Adult content!

  2. LOL Eva! It was a very silly evening, as most halloween evenings are in Seattle.

  3. The scarves are gorgeous. Saw the Jude Hill video on which she applies your velvets, did you see that?

  4. No I didn't. She told me she would be doing that but I haven't had a chance to drop by there recently

  5. You've been BUSY, Diane...looks really good over here, all these little piles of temptations! Looking forward to your velvet packs but know I will be very challenged in the choosing.