Full moon out my window

This is my latest little piece. I had a lot of fun making this. I fell back into the groove quickly, and found myself happily stitching away without a care in the world. I love how this came out so far and can't wait to see it mounted on a piece of velvet with the edging around it. Another silk velvet bag in the making. I plan on doing several different bags this next month or so. I really enjoy these little stitch works. The piece of velvet I used turned out perfect for this full moon piece. A soft glowing pale yellow. I made enough of this color to make squares for my velvet square packs. I will be including it in some of the color schemes. Those will be coming soon to my new shop!
Have a great weekend everyone!
5 comments on "Full moon out my window"
  1. Thank you! I love my swirly trees too. I have done several different ones. :)

  2. I knew they come alive at night!

  3. Wow! This is really gorgeous! It looks like you've been busy with all of your projects... Take care and have a great week... Leesa

  4. Carly was over the other night....we were all making that pot of chili. She was standing in the dining room talking to me, (in the kitchen); she was looking up at my silhouette painting over the hutch, and said..____'I love that painting, it reminds me of those little bags Mom makes"! LOL! I explained that it was a silhouette, and that I had painted it years ago; she didn't know It was a painting of mine.
    Beautiful work sista dear!