No class today!

I got ready for class today, I went and sat at the bus stop. I sat for a long time. My bus never came. I finally broke down and called the hubby at work. "My bus isn't coming for some reason," I said. I heard him turn away and mumble something. "Buses are on stirke," he said. I know this shouldn't have made me happy, but it did. A whole extra day to work this week, yay! Happy about work?!? Why yes, yes I am. I much prefer playing with my dyes and fabrics than travelling on a bus and two trams an hour each way to go to my french class and do drills. Now the french class I dont mind at all and I am sure it is helping me in some way. They arent really teaching me anything anymore but the drills are supposed to make you more comfortable with the test. I think that I will still do fine without this day of drills though....

So what I really wanted to talk to you all about is this: I have decided to make scarves for my shop. I love dyeing. there is no denying it. I could dye all the time I think but the fact is, I only need so much fabric for myself. I have been selling the velvet quarters online and that is fine, but I dont really sell that many of them. I sell lots of floss and I enjoy it too, but I want to branch out. I started dyeing other fabrics and I enjoy seeing how the dye takes differently, how they look, etc. Now I want to make something with them though, and I think scarves could be a good thing. Everyone loves them. Many people collect them. So why not make them?
My main problem is deciding what KIND of scarves to make. SO I decided to ask you, my readers, what kind of scarf do you like? short wispy scarves you knot around your neck? Long slinky scarves you can loop round and round? How about the new infinity scarf? Do you like that?
I thought one thing I would try is long skinny velvet scarves. They can be a lot of fun and if you want them shorter you can double them. I also thought some silk gauze scarves would be yummi. Its so light and floaty and holds the color so well. What do you all think? I'm dyeing to know *grin*
5 comments on "No class today!"
  1. They ALL sound yummy to me. Sorry that isn't much help but I like all of your ideas.

  2. well at least that lets me know I am going in the right direction!

  3. I adore scarves! I like long scarves that go around my neck at least once. I love piling them high in the winter for drama and warmth, but I love light ones for the summer. I am particular to cotton. Gauze would be divine for the summer. I have one and I wear it ALL the time. Also skiney long cotton ones are good for summer, and wider cotton for the winter. Also, the more visual texture the better. sewn pin tucks or that kind of thing are great. Ruffles are all the rage now, but I betcha that will soon die down.

  4. Scarves are something you just cannot get enough of. I have a whole drawer of them, and during my vacation, I was so glad I took some of them along. At the moment, squares folded into triangles and wrapped around the neck like those Palestine scarves seem to be the latest craze; I hardly see any girl without one. Often, they are decorated with fringes. What about beaded strings?

  5. I think you should make a couple of each and see what sells best, test the market so to speak!!