The calm is finally setting in

I am falling into a routine I think. I am finally feeling at home here. I dont bump into walls in the middle of the night as often. I am finally getting a 'feel' to this house. My mind doesnt feel all cluttered and crazy like it has for the last few months. I can start letting some of the worry and stress go and start concentrating on my new life here. I have decided to spend the next month working hard to make some items to fill up my ArtFire shop We bought my son's ticket this weekend and he is coming at the end of June. I am SO excited! I want my shop running smoothly by then, nice and full of lots of pretties. Then I can spend my time with him having fun and not constantly worrying if I have enough on my shop. I have lots of ideas as always. Sometimes they just overflow my brain and I cant write them down fast enough. Having ideas is never my problem it seems. It is the making of them as each piece I make takes so long.

This piece that I showed you a glimpse of last post has progressed some more. It will be a choker with hand dyed silk ribons to tie it in back. I had in mind an elaborate celtic spiral centerpiece for it but then I saw the most lovely cabachons on an ArtFire store that I would love to feature on it that I am undecided as to what I want to do with it now.

I also started working on this, another of my favorite paisleys...the spiral sun. This will be an iphone cover and I plan on making several of these and/or ipad covers. I find it a perfect canvas for my embroidery and truthfully, I dont care what I make with it after I finish the embroidery. I just love having something to stitch.

I also have a huge pile of velvets I need to list so I plan on working on that this week. After these I am hesitating on dyeing anymore quarters. I havent been selling them much and wonder if the size is the problem? I wonder if people would enjoy my velvets in a larger size? I know the price is reasonable because I actually have it marked lower than other sellers who ARE selling their items. I dont think the colors are bad either so maybe it's just that I dont have the 'Name' that others have, or the contacts...

I just know that I want to get all this in order. So I dont need to worry about it as much. It's been such a disorganized mess since moving to Grenoble, and then on to here. I think once its all put in a managable form it will start running smoothly and I can concentrate more on my art. Because when it all comes down to it, I do this part so I can do my ART.
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