Floss Candy Galore!

I have been crazy busy the last few days with a large dye batch I did. I wasnt planning on dyeing this week but then I received a custom order for some stone floss. That was all the incentive I needed so I set to work and dyed four different sets of stone colors along with another eight colorways besides those. I also did several silk ribbons. It doesnt matter how many times I dye it never gets boring. I just LOVE to play with the colors.

Even with the new studio setup I have been having quite the problem with where to put my pieces as I dye them. When I am doing a lot at a time I run out of space quickly. So I made this stacking box.

I have a ton of boxes from the move and they are fairly sturdy cardboard. I also had a big sheet of double cardboard. So I cut out shelves and mounted them in the box and then cut pieces of cardboard big enough to slide into the shelves as trays. I had a whole role of nice thicker plastic and covered all of the trays with that. Now I can just dye my floss right on the trays and slide them into the box. I was able to do my whole dye batch and had room left over. I love it, even if it is just a bunch of cardboard it works like a dream!
3 comments on "Floss Candy Galore!"
  1. I Love your ingenious solution! Necessity is the mother of invention.

  2. The batching box is brilliant! You really got some fabulous colors from this set.

  3. Your new *shelving* is perfect! Excellent solution to space issues.

    That stone floss is TO DIE FOR...lucky customer! Perhaps some going to your shop???