Silk RIbbons!

Sorry I have been so sporadic with my postings lately. I plan on posting and then find the whole day has ran away. I guess that means I've been busy. I have accomplished a few things this week but not as much as I wanted to!

I finally received my order of ribbons and this is the results of my first play day with ribbons. I like it very much ^^ They are a bit different to work wit then fabric or floss so I have some learning to do. So far the results are very nice though. I especially like the rainbow =D

I also have started a new piece...more on that later...

2 comments on "Silk RIbbons!"
  1. Beautiful thread! And the ribbons look tempting, too. No idea what to do with them. Will you show us?

  2. Oooooo! What a beautiful crocheted flower that would make!!!...Hmmmmm...!