A lovely day in Strasbourg

DH and I wandered into Strasbourg Saturday afternoon just for. It was such a gorgeous day out and we have been missing the sun lately. What a perfect day. They were having an agricultural fair near where we got off the tram so we checked out all the tents. They had lots of baby animals on display. A bee hive, and a stand where you could milk a fake cow. The kids seemed to be having a lot of fun. They also had a huge tent where they were serving fresh flame roasted tarte flambe's which is a regional special here. Its like a cracker crust pizza with a cream sauce, onions, lardon and cheese. A whole tarte for only 5 euros! We couldnt resist and we were glad we couldn't because it was delish!.

After we left that area we came across this industrious crew of two working on this huge mural.

We took a few picks then, and also on our way back to the tram so you can see the progress.

I love exploring this city, every time I turn around I find another great viewpoint.

Peeks into alleys and gardens that are just wonderful.

The crooked rooftops are so enchanting, and the great dormer windows.

We happened upon this huge carousel that had two levels. So enchanting!

There was also a huge protest going on the whole time we were down there against Isreal. There were many youths there wearing flags as capes and parading up and down the streets and giving speeches. The police were out in force but we saw little action.
We came home tired but happy that night. I was so glad the next morning that we had gone on Saturday as we were hit with a HARD storm Sunday afternoon. I just snuggled up and finished my sugar skull...

4 comments on "A lovely day in Strasbourg"
  1. ..wish I was there!...

    ..we've had to cancel all holiday plans for this year...

    ..and I'll miss France like mad!


  2. The skull looks great, just as I imagined, in the brightest colors. What a friendly smile!

  3. great looking skull :D
    love seeing photos of different places, and what a cool looking carousel

  4. I love the carousel. I saw one like it in Paris and have it on video still.