Shop Update

Hello Everybody. I hope you are all having a pleasant week. We have had a busy week ourselves. First off we had unexpected guests. One of D's good friends has been touring the countryside with a friend. They went to Italy, Czech Republic, Hungary , Austria and Germany and when returning to France they were nearby so dropped in for a few days. It was really nice to see them and they brought along this sweet girl.

She was so much fun to be around, very well behaved and entertaining. We went into town with them last night, their last evening here and we had dinner at a Lebanese Restaurant. None of us knew what to expect but we ordered a group meal which consisted of around 20 small dishes so we could try a variety of their food. Turns out it is very similar to what I consider Turkish and Greek food. Dolmas, Hummus, Tabbouleh, Cucumber Sauce, Lemon Chicken, etc. I enjoyed it thoroughly and we will definitely be back. I really miss Pita and hummus over here so now I know where to find it!

I also woke up a few mornings back to find out I was one of the featured shops with the Firestalkers Guild over on Artfire. I have been working all the last week or so taking photos and getting things ready to list in my shop because I wanted it all to be done when my son arrives. When I heard about being featured I sat down and listed ALL of the floss I have ready, which was around 20 colorways. Talk about non-stop listing. Oh boy! I still have a PILE of velvets and silk charmeuse to list but at least I have part of it done. I am running out of days.

So sorry I havent been writing much but my week has not been that interesting. I havent had a chance to stitch in days. My Ipad covers have come to a halt while I work out design problems and try to locate materials. I have been photographing so much I want to throw the camera out the window. I had thought there was a whole pile of pictures finished then realized those had disappeared when the computer had its break down. I promise I will get back to you soon with more interesting artsy stuff but in the meantime...isn't this colorway just scrumptious?

4 comments on "Shop Update"
  1. What a cute dog! I have 4 dogs of various breeds. Your son is visiting? How fun is that!

  2. How great and yes I love the colorway!! Beautiful!

    I have a giveaway on my site for you to enter!

    Art by Karena

  3. gorgeous colourway diane. When does your son arrive? and congratulations on the featured seller promo! Well done.

  4. Your floss is so great! I ordered some a few months ago and have used it all up. ;-)