So finally, I took my test. It has taken so long to get here. Two moves, lost files, delayed classes and more but finally it's over. Such a relief. The test itself was relatively simple. It took forever. The sound system was unbearably loud. The teachers treated us like bad children. It was not a hard test though. The worst part of the whole experience, and the part that still has me cringing is the interview. After the written part of the test, each student has to have a 15 minute interview with one of the teachers where they ask you several questions, have you point out items on pictures and tell you the names of them, where they are (right, left,up,down) and other simple things like that. My problem? My nose started bleeding about 2 minutes into the interview...and DID NOT STOP the entire interview. It was stressful and embarassing. It flustered me beyond belief and probably caused me to make more than one mistake. I havent heard what my results were...and cant say I want to. As long as I passed...thats all that matters to me.
Want to hear the crazy part? I am actually considering taking the second level course. It's free and it will be my own choice. No pressure. No "you have to do this or you wont get to keep your carte de sojour" crap. I think I might enjoy it and learn more if it doesnt have all the pressure included. We will see.
And now I have time once again to create...and have fun with my son :)

5 comments on "French"
  1. enjoy the precious time with your son. He is so handsome!!! and I am sure you have passed your test, no worries.

  2. Such cute photos....oops, I mean *handsome* :>]] What in the world are those drinks they are imbibing? Lovely colors!

    Congrats on the test - fingers crossed for you!

  3. You'll pass!!! No worries!

    ...I wish I was sat at the next table right now ....

    ...with one of those drinks in my hand.. :-)

  4. what a bunch of handsome looking guys :)

    congrats on taking the test! no more dealing with the stress of it. you are right, taking the second course will probably be less stressful because there isnt the huge pressure there

  5. and ~ 6 months later.....
    they same grueling process of wondering!
    'It's all Good!' =)