Quiet Time

This poor blog is so neglected right now! It's not going to change any time soon either. We are leaving Saturday for the Black Forest and after that onto Cologne, then Agen, the pyrenees and into Spain. I will try to stop in but it's very doubtful. We will be without internet most of the time. I cant wait to leave, we have so many fun things planned. The first night we are camping! I am really looking forward to seeing the Lorelei rock. I have heard it is a beautiful place and much good food and drink.

This last week I have spent mainly with my son but also hand rolling the hems on several scarves. I also cut out some big square scarves that I will unravel the edges after I dye and hand tie the fringe on them. We received our t-shirts we ordered and he immediately dried up on ideas for them. SO I am sitting here now trying to think up things I can do with them. One pattern he would like I am not sure how to do. which is similar to the spirals I did before but just one wide stripe of blue and red with a thin line of white in between like this :

I have a few ideas how to do this but if anyone knows for sure I would like to get it right the first time!

I am doing some shibori tyeing on one of them. I cant resist :p I might even do a few more like that one. I finished up mixing te dyes so all I need to do now is plan out what Im doing for each shirt and possibly dye tomorrow. We have to hurry because the family is arriving on Friday!

If I get a chance I will post results before we take off...if I dont I may not be back here till after August 12th. Hope you are all having a great summer!
7 comments on "Quiet Time"
  1. After you tie the shirt into a spiral, wouldn't you just dye half of the spiral red and half blue with a stripe of white in the middle? Sometime I make practice mini pieces with paper towel. That's what I would do with this.

  2. I wish you a wonderful journey! Agen is a magical place, I saw it with my husband. He made a wish in the dome and donated a candle, and the wish became true much more than he expected. Have fun! Hope to read from you soon -- and see PICS!

  3. hope you are having a fantastic time....wherever you are!!

  4. If would resort to batik dyeing with these colors. Blue and red! the white seems easily tied off...and the spiral too, But! only the most precise with your technique will keep you from getting a Purple t-shirt. 0o

  5. No purple T shirt. I thougt it turned out pretty well?