Tie Dye fun

I told my son before he came over to pack a few white t-shirts in his bag. I thought we could have some tie dye fun! I havent really done a lot of tie dye before.
I thought ths would be a good opportunity to explore the art a little more. I am highly interested in shibori and it is an extension of that art so..why not? We did four shirts. The first was an old stained shirt that D had worn working in the vineyards.

I liked the design that was on it and since it was the type that wont take dye I thought I might be able to save it.

I was so thrilled when it came out so well. I think this was the best of all four shirts. It didn't involve any tyeing though...maybe thats why LOL. This type of dyeing I am already familiar with ;)

I then tried a few different spiral designs both incorporating a 'spider' in the design.

The Hot Pink spider came out bright and well defined. I was quite happy with this one.

The Rasta Spider is not as defined or as colorful. I see I need to work harder to make sure the dye penetrates the folds well. I also will probably chose another green over 'bright green' in the future. This one seems much paler on cotton than on my velvets.

The last one I was very unhappy with. The guitar is a more difficut tie I admit but I expected better results.

I realize now that I didnt take the time with it I should of and also didnt use enough color on the guitar itself. Again the bright green was less than what I wanted.

The back turned out great though! I have retied this poor thing and will redye the guitar and bring the color up closer to the guitar itself also...instead of having it float among a sea of white and yellow.

I had a lot of fun with this experiment and I want to do more with t's. I ordered 10 more shirts and hope they arrive soon...The son and I have some more dyeing to do!
4 comments on "Tie Dye fun"
  1. Ooooooo...love the spider shirt!!!! Well done Diane. Have fun with your guy!

  2. What a fantastic project! I love how you just dived into it for fun!

  3. Caleb made a good model eh!