New Scarf Experiments

I meant to post this before I got so busy with class and such...but these things happen. I have decided to make scarves and have a lot of different ideas that I want to try. I stocked up on a pile of silk charmeuse, silk gauze, cotton gauze and another shipment of silk velvet. I am not in a big rush with these. I will do a little at a time and find what I like doing best. Since I am not buying scarf blanks anything I do must be hemmed by hand which is a long process. I like doing it that way though as I can decide what sizes I want to do as I go. Also planning on doing some lined velvet pieces..maybe some velvet scarves with silk charmeuse lining. Those would be so yummi and lux!

So these are my first two tries. I wanted to make a couple of long slinky fun scarves. I haven't seamed these yet but they will be simple long skinny scarves just folded over so the velvet is all around.

I think they turned out perfect. So full of color and fun. I might not be able to part with them...my all time favorite scarf is a long black tube just like these will be when finished. What do you think?

5 comments on "New Scarf Experiments"
  1. Rough charm on soft material! Very bold colors. I like that.

  2. pure silk velvet makes the most comforting scarves for cold winters...

  3. So what happened to these rich colored, plush pieces of beauty, made to adorn the neck of any willing woman?!? =)