Imagination Packs

Undersea Imagination Pack

So sorry I haven't posted. This week ran away with me! I have been so busy dyeing, washing, sorting, rearranging, etc! Today was the huge town wide yardsale and let me tell you... I never seen anything like it! The streets were closed off. They had beer tents, a merry-go-round, cotton candy, crepe and other food vendors and tons of stands...streets full of them. We found several pieces of furniture for next to nothing! A nice big wood table for 15 euros! I couldnt believe it. We have been struggling here with little furniture and no place to put anything. Now we were able to pick up some things without waiting for six months till we could afford them! So now I have even more rearranging to do but I dont mind. I will finally be able to work properly with some furniture in my studio! ( I have been working with a board across two small pieces of furniture for a desk and cardboard boxes for shelves)

Autumn Forest Imagination Pack

So this week I started sorting all the velvets and other silks I have dyed this last week and I put together some imagination packs. These are just my first attempts at them and I would really appreciate any feedback you have about them. Are there enough items included? Am I missing something? What do you think? I love this idea and plan on making a lot more. I absolutely love working with the velvet and really enjoying the other silks too...especially the charmeuse and gauze. You will be seeing a lot more of them in the future! I have listed the first one on Artfire today and plan on listing the other tomorrow. After I put together some more packs I will be listing the rest of the velvet too. I have around 15 new pieces of velvet dyed and I love them all!

Hope you are all having a fun and creative weekend!
6 comments on "Imagination Packs"
  1. Glad to hear you have some furniture. I just love going to sales like that. I love your imagination packs I think they are perfect the way they are.

  2. Oh, that sale sounds fabu!! But I must say, your new velvets are even MORE fabu - how yummy! I am using several colors of your floss, which I adore, so I look forward to seeing what your Imagination Packs will hold - a good idea!

  3. How beautiful are your "Imagination Packs!" That sale sounds like a lot of fun.

  4. You must be thrilled to have good furniture..and the wow, the packs are simply gorgeous. I'd be tempted to throw in more beads, but only because that's what I'd use myself, more beads. They work fine as they are too. Really stunning results.

  5. So glad you all like them! mariellenromer that is a great idea, I was thinking myself that the beads were a little skimpy. I will definitely add more to future packs! Sweetpea so glad you like my flosses.

  6. Lovely! The Imagination packs are coming out simply lovely!
    BTW, I like your coffee and cream combos. =)