I love to stitch!

Sunday was a dreary day out so we spent the day working around the house. D put up all my shelves we bought at the sale and a light fixture. They look so nice! We set all our furniture into place that we bought and it's starting to look like a home! My studio is really shaping up. I have nice table space to work on my items and now shelves too. I feel so spoiled.

I received a custom order this week from two gals who both liked a silk velvet bag I have been working on. Since I still had a bit of the floss and velvet from the first one I made I told them I would make another so they both could have one. Made me feel good that they both loved it so. I dont usually make duplicates but I found it quite fun to do actually. I was really curious whether I could recreate it close enough and I'm quite happy with the results. Now I have ideas for others to do...I am thinking a similar tree but with pink french knots for a cherry tree....

I have also been working hard with my ArtFire shop. The gals have been talking about a Christmas in July event which I think sounds like a lot of fun. I am wanting to set up a booth this year in Strasbourg for Christmas, what a perfect excuse to get started on making things early!

Today I am back to quiet stitchng I think. I pulled my neck out working this weekend. The injury from the fall in December has never really healed up correctly and I guess I wasnt careful enough. It's nice that I can still stitch even when I'm not feeling at my best!
4 comments on "I love to stitch!"
  1. I like your stitching too.


  2. Congrats! This sale looks like success. May there be more!

  3. I have been away too long!! I miss my own hands making such beautiful works of art! I miss reading your words, and being inspired by them, as much as by the slow parade of pics, embracing each day of stitching, stitching, stitching! You remind me of Rapunzel =)