After the crash

Sorry I have been silent all week. I had a rather busy schedule and I lost track of the days but thats not the only thing that happened. A few nights ago I couldnt sleep so I got out of bed and came into the studio as I am prone to do, and sat down to the computer. Hit the power button and all I saw was an error screen. I did everything I could think of...still no go. Seems it suffered a fatal crash. We thought that the hard drive was gone for sure but upon reinstalling windows it is up and working again. Such a relief! All my files and photos are gone of this last week though and that is a shame. Any WIP photos are irreplacable. Fortunately I had uploaded this before pic just a few days ago and found it resting on Flickr! I didnt like this piece when I finished it so I went back at it and worked on improving it. What do you think?

5 comments on "After the crash"
  1. glad the comp is ok

    the tree looks really good with the extra knots, reminds me a lot of the trees around here right now

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  3. I love trees. Your piece is beautiful, you've captured the essence of spring.