The studio is almost finished!

This Friday we stopped by the Ikea to pick up a few small items and as soon as we walked in we saw two of the shelves I had on my list to buy and they were displays. They were marked to 40% off so we bought them. It was kinda funny because we dont have a car and we had to take them apart and pack them into pieces of old cardboard to bring home. I had my shopping cart with me and we put a lot of the pieces on there and wrapped them tight, dragged the whole mess home. It was a bit of a chore but I love to save money! So we spent the rest of the day rearranging the studio yet again. D also hung my steel cable around two walls and set the lights on the bottom of the shelf over the dye table. I will finally have plenty of light when I work on my dyes.

Saturday we were off again to the town wide sale in Neiderhausbergen. We didnt really buy much to speak of but it was fun to visit. The sale there was almost as crazy as the one that was here so I guess it's a big deal here. All I know is man did I see a lot of junk at one time LOL!

Yesterday was my big day to go to my appointment at OFII - the immigratiom and integration office. They did a test on my french language and set me up to finish my classes here. I have 30 hours of class left and then my final test. They seemed to think I was doing well so I guess I will quit being so hard on myself. The appointment was way down on the southeast side of the city and took me half the day to go and come back. I surely hope my classes are somewhere else cause I sure wouldnt want to do that on a regular basis!

So creatively I have not done anything since I last posted. I am still busy with the studio. I emptied out every box, drawer etc. and have been slowly sorting and organizing so that when I am done it will be just as I want it. I really would like to finish it today. I also have a big order I have to start working on. Lots of dyeing. Soon though, all of this will be finished and I will have this wonderful room to come into and create to my hearts desire as much as I want. I cant wait!
2 comments on "The studio is almost finished!"
  1. This sounds great. Will we have the pleasure to see pictures some day? Congrats to having a studio. May everything work out fine that you do!

  2. I too would like the pleasure of seeing these pictures some day. Do you have floor space...wall space? I used to put a flannel sheet up...the fabric would stay in place nicely as I moved the squares of a picture quilt around until I found the results I wanted.
    Eva gives such great advice, gotta live her! =)