My New Studio

Finally we are finished with the studio. I am so glad it's done! Sorry I have been so quiet lately but not only did I not have the time to do any art...I had no place to do it in! Everything was a mess, and I made it worse by dumping everything out of the boxes and drawers to 'organize' it better. Not smart! :p
I thought I would show you some pics of my new place. I just love it! Now it's not fancy. We didnt buy all new fixtures or anything like that...but it IS all new to me and best of all, I finally have space to do my work. I have been surviving for quite awhile now with a shelf board balanced between two small pieces of furniture!

My room is a sort of 'L' shape and starting off, this is the dye area. I thought the shape was perfect because I can keep my sewing and my dyeing seperate. The dye table is actually our old couch! When it broke we took the bottom out, turned it on its side and voila...a workbench! Above it is one of the shelves we bought at the town sale for 5 euros! On the left is one of the shelves I found at Ikea for 40% off. I was quite excited about that. On the wall in the back we mounted whiteboard material so I can just write my notes on the wall when Im dyeing. It's so convenient and easy to use. I also set up my double boiler for when I want to make a quick batch of soap or melt some wax for batik.

DH ran a steel cable around two walls of the room so I can clip and hang whatever I please. Great for notes, inspiration and tools, I even hang my floss from there. I have lights set under the shelf so I can see better when dyeing since this part of the room is without windows.

This is the second half of the 'L'. My sewing area. I love having the tabletops all the way around. The one section of the desk even moves so I can pull it all the way up next to me or push it against the wall when its in my way.

We put a nice big cork board above the desk so I can pin up my WIP's and study them to figure out where I want to go next with them. Also real handy for notes.

On the other side is a nice storage area for my dyed fabrics and in the middle is my mailing center with drawers for my envelopes, paper, etc. The wire also runs around to this side to clip up favorite pieces I want to look at. Above is another of the shelves I bought at the town sale with my wool bits for needle felting stored in baskets and some of my books.

Down below is another set of drawers with places to store my trims, scissors and threads, etc. All in all I am thrilled with it. I finally have a place for everything which I really need since I can be so disorganized. I find if I have a place to put something I usually will put it away but I get in trouble when I dont and everything turns into a big mess!

So that's the tour. I hope you enjoyed it *^_^*. Hoping you all have a wonderful weekend. I know I'm planning on it!
9 comments on "My New Studio"
  1. Looks wonderful! I would never have thought of using an old couch that way but it looks to be a great height and so useful, much better than throwing it out!

  2. It looks great, now lets just hope you stay in one place for a while!! xo

  3. What a wonderful work area - I especially love the idea of hanging up your WIPs instead of just putting them away somewhere.

  4. It looks like you have it set up perfectly!

  5. Thank you for this little sightseeing of your studio. I think it is a great place to work. Happy creating!

  6. Wonderful! I'm happy for you and from now on will picture you happily working in this great well organized studio.

  7. I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEE it!!! You're sooooo organized! It has a really nice "feel" to it... Enjoy!!!

  8. Diane, that is a gorgeous space--and it looks very functional as well, which is more than half the battle :)

  9. I totally LOVE the picture of your sewing room/part..wtv! Old Man Sun is hanging in perspective with your other pieces; He looks magnificent in this pic, the entire wall hanging is scrumptious alongside all your other WIPs?!?
    It is now on slideshow! =)
    O, and I see 'chair'! ♥