Your Boss said WHAT?!?

I have been reluctant to pull out any of my big projects. I have made one excuse after the other, each feeling valid in it's own right but looking back they all seem excuses to me anyway. I just don't feel settled here. I'm not sure why. I love this place. Love the city. Love the apartment. My little room to work in is wonderful although again, not settled. It is set up perfect to sit and stitch on little things. No real area to do bigger work. No place to lay things spread out to look at them. This is important to me. You must be able to look, to gaze for days if needed, to get the feel for something. It carries you on to the next step. I am lacking that here. I could fix this I'm sure with a few more pieces of furniture, a fabric wall, etc. but I'm not going to. I will not be working on any big projects in the near future and here is why...
D is being considered for a new job. He was approached and asked if he was interested. Seems they find his communication skills excellent and wish to put him at the projects base area to better communicate. It's a big step. Just as the last one was. He has stated what his requirements are and they are flying him up there for an interview next month. The project's head has requested him. So, if all goes as planned we will be moving again in April to Strasburg. Quite an upheaval, and very unexpected...
so I dont see myself becoming settled here. Even if I want it. I am not going to jump to conclusioins and say we are definitely moving but I know my husbands capabilities and I think it is a likely conclusion.
Therefore I will content myself with simple stitching for now. Making pretties for my shop, dyeing beautiful fabrics and threads. These I feel comfortable working on here and hopefully if we move, I will find a good place to settle.

In the meantime, I have started on my new project.

I did a preliminary sketch the other night then I photographed it.

Uploaded the pic to photoshop and stretched it out.

Afterwards I fues a piece of black satin to some cotton fabric for stability and fused a few of the design elements on top.

Now it is ready to stitch!

We were also visited with a wonderful snowfall! I am just LOVING it!
9 comments on "Your Boss said WHAT?!?"
  1. -- Well, congratulations to such a talented and ambitious husband!
    But... Will you like to move again?

  2. Strasbourg and the surrounding area is absolutely beautiful - you'll love it!

    Hope you can be happy somewhere soon - it's not good for the creatative juices to feel unsettled.

    x Chris

  3. Congratulations to your husband. And there could be worse places than Strasbourg...

  4. ....i just decided it was time for a treat....

    ..so i ordered some of your floss....

    ...with a very special project in mind ;-)

    x Chris

  5. Eva~ I have mixed feelings but at least it's not somewhere ugly and dreary so I have that to look forward to. I do love to explore!

    ~Chris I agree with you. I think I have been so unsettled because I have known about this almost the whole time I've been here. It's only now looking like it's going to happen.
    And...I'm so excited! I can't wait to see what you do with it. What a treat for me :)

    ~Veronique- I definitely agree with you!

  6. Diane, wishing you comfort in your new surroundings if they come to be. I can understand how you feel.

    One good thing...you can take your much-loved work with you no matter where you go. Not everyone can do that.

    Hoping all works out and that happiness and joy await you!


  7. Good luck in the coming year. I hope you find the space you need to spread out. I love snow and yours is beautiful too!

  8. Hi Diane!

    WOW! That's BIG news and I sure hope he gets the job! I'm positive you will LOVE Strasbourg... It's my 4th time here now... we are actually in town right now and it's a city I love very much! I wouldn't mind living here!!!

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