New Dyes

Christmas is almost here and I still havent done a thing! No decorating, no baking. nothing. I am sure though, that when Marie and the rest of the family arrive we will be cooking and playing away!
I spent the morning trying to fix my chair. My brand new chair that D bought me before we moved broke. I am so sad. The store we bought it from is a gazillion miles away so no hope to return it and fixing it is proving a bit of a challenge. I now lean to the left quite precariously and wonder how this will afect my stitching *grin* I will test it tonight ^^
SO I rigged up an area on my dye table where I could do some flat dyeing.I have been wanting to try this method for awhile and just didnt have the space or the equipment. Well the equipment part I solved with a big sheet of florist plastic. I just taped up the sides to make a nice big tray and there you go! I love this idea because its like painting almost. You only use enough dye to get the job done.No waste. but then...all the methods I use are the type that use little dye. So here is my first flat dye, what do you think?

Also, here is a pic of a few more of my ornies finished

Now I am off to fix some lunch.
4 comments on "New Dyes"
  1. sorry about your chair..your colors are beautiful as always! Merry Christmas Diane!

  2. Sending you wishes for happy holidays and new years ... a year when you will really feel settled and up to creating "full force".

    Your embroidered ornaments are beautiful.

  3. WOW! I LOVE these ! Great work, as usual!! You are so talented, Diane!!

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