Time Flies

It seems Christmas is almost upon us. How did it sneak up on me so fast?

I have so much to do but little motivation. D's family is flying in, which means I need to shop for an air mattress and sheets. We need a tree and such. I need to plan a menu...

Instead of doing these things though...I have been stitching.

I AM in the mood for Christmas even with all the pressing to-do's on my mind as you can see from what I'm stitching :)

Hope all your holiday plans are going smoothly!
10 comments on "Time Flies"
  1. Your Xmas ornaments are so elegant! I can well understand your priorities.
    (word verif. says "ingratio")

  2. Diane..your ornaments are lovely!!! I hear ya about Christmas..I decided to give myself a break from my etsy shop until after the new year. I am not having any time for what the holiday is supposed to be about..friends and family! I need to get a tree..decorate,,bake..shop..all of it ;-( My shop will have to sit on the back burner for a while.
    Merry Christmas to you and your man,
    your friend,

  3. your ornaments are amazing..but of course they are! I hope you and D have a great Christmas. Much love

  4. Diane, they're beautiful! Simply elegant!

  5. Beautiful, beautiful, as always, but I have witnessed your talent since you were age-15! I always knew the creative side of you! I still have home made trinkets and ornaments you made and gave me back in the days (dear I say, late 70's!!! Shhh, age makes no mind!). Love, Vic

  6. Anonymous is Vicki on the above message, sorry as I am a beginner at all this tech stuff. smile

  7. Je te souhaite un joyeux Noël, Diane -- et bonne année.

  8. Thank you all so much! I wish you all a wonderful Holiday season also! XOX Diane