In the meantime...

...and look what came in the mail!

5 comments on "In the meantime..."
  1. Those little booties are sooooo charming.

    Hope you've recovered from fall.

  2. So you're right into color therapy. May it work well on you!
    The little boots are sweet indeed.

  3. Nellie~ Thank you so much! I have had so much fun with them the last week or so. Unfortunately I think recovery will be slow on this one. I am regaining movement though so this is a good sign!

    Eva~ It has taken me three days to mix my dyes. I would mix two and then rest for two hours. I was determined though! Now I have a row of jewels waiting to play with and last night I dreamed of colors. Time to put this color therapy to test ^_^

  4. WOW!! These are soooo cute!!! Your talent never ceases to impress and amaze me!!!

  5. Those booties are to die for ( I hate that phrase) tell me about them.