Moving Forward

So today I made a decision. I went to my bloated blog reader and made a new folder called 'Daily Reads'. Into this folder I moved a selected number of blogs and I'm determined to put an effort towards trying to read at least those every day. This doesnt mean I will stop reading the others, just trying to take some of the pressure off myself. I so enjoy reading everybody's blogs and find them all so interesting but time after time I look at my reader and see 1000+ posts to read and become overwhelmed. I find myself skimming through them to try to reduce the number. Even skipping whole posts or more likely just not reading any that day as it seems a chore. I dont want this to happen! I started reading them for a reason. I love all of you! You have opened up a whole new world to me and given me so much insight and inspiration. So now maybe I can enter that page with a little less guilt. Settle down with my coffee and spend some time with my friends. The people who's blogs I will read daily are the ones who I feel a personal connection with. People who I have talked with, shared ideas, etc. I have been shorting myself by not spending time with them each day. So that's a big load off my mind as it's been bothering me for awhile and I really felt like I was missing out!

Today I woke up to find myself with a little more mobility. The muscle running down from my neck along my spine on the left side was still quite swollen last night and this seems where the greatest problem lies. I cannot turn my head too far to either side. My hip is also affected and of course my poor bruised knee!It's amazing how you can be walking along just having the best of times and then WHAM! everything changes in a heartbeat. I am grateful though that I didn't break any bones and that my recovery does seem on it's way! Here's to being well enough on Sunday for the trip my honey promised me. We are supposed to go visit the village up above us in the mountains. Take a train up there and spend the day. Sounds exciting!

I have all my dyes mixed now. It took a few days since I really couldn't move much but I was so excited when I received them that I wanted to mix them right away! I have a pile of floss tied and ready to dye. I tied them all when I was sitting in my old apartment with it all packed up waiting to move. I'm so glad that part is out of the way as I dont think my arms would cooperate with that process right now LOL! So I think I might try my hand at a little dyeing today. I dont think it will be too much for me. If so, I will stop and wait till tomorrow!

If all goes well I will have some pretty colors to show you soon. Hope you are all having a good week!
7 comments on "Moving Forward"
  1. Diane, thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I've been hurting too! Do they have chiropractors where you are located? It has helped me so much with my back, hips and neck. Be on the mend so you can enjoy your trip!

    I'm just loving all of the gorgeous colors in your creations. About that lightbulb with true colors....I hope you can find them there! Or an Ott light with the kind of plug that will fit in your outlets in France.

    Happy color mixing today!
    Diane (too)

  2. I used to call that reading of too many blogs "Blogarhea" :} It does waste time ,but you will winnow out the chaff and keep the wheat--so much to learn this way from others!
    Keep your parts warm, that will help the healing --speedy recovery.
    May i have your new snail mail too please?

  3. ..well I'm glad you popped around to mine!...

    ..hope you'll be feeling heaps better soon....


    .....if you feel the urge to do some luscious reds.....

    ....I'm in line!

    x Chris

  4. Hey Diane!

    Hang in there with your recovery! I know it's a bitch, b/c I have had my share of serious injuries and you will be on the mend, it just takes time... But, keep the positive flowing, as it really helps your brain and body with the process of healing...
    I really enjoy your blog, too!! You are sooo incredibly talented and I really admire that!! Great colors.. Have fun with your passion of colors and cloth and take good care.. Leesa

  5. glad to read you are feeling better :)

  6. Hello Diane,
    Loved seeing your comment on my blog the other day. I know just how you feel about trying to keep up with all the great blogs out there. This is my first chance to check in on people for a while. You do start feeling out of the loop, don't you? I had no idea you had fallen..is that what happened? Rest your body and don't push it. Feel better soon and Merry Christmas ;-)

    your friend,