Finally, FINALLY, after a long wait we have the internet. We actually had to cancel our original order and switch over to another company. It's really crazy what we had to go through to get it, and unfortunately this one doesnt have the bandwidth we are used to. It's much better than using a hotspot though!!

So yesterday I was able to upload ALL of my photos. Something that would have taken me days before. I have them all ready to start listing my flosses and velvets. Only need to finish naming things. This is one of my favorite new floss...of course XD

Coffee and Cream

and one of my favorite velvets...

Mermaid's Garden 2

I like them all so much though. They are just GORGEOUS!

I am also still working on finishing up these ornaments. Almost done now but need to spend one more evening on them.

This one is waiting for it's ribbon to be sewn on..

Then I have a whole new project in mind but I have to do some preliminary sketches. With D's whole family coming up for Chistmas I might not have much time this next week. That's ok though. I cant wait to see them =D
7 comments on "I HAZ TEH INTERNETZ"
  1. SO glad you have an internet connection! I just visited your shop and, as always, love your hand dyed floss. One of these days, soon, I'll purchase some!

  2. Congratulations! So nice to have you back in the speed surfing community. I'd probably bite my mousepad in despair if I had a slow connection.

  3. Thank you both!

    ~and yes Eva I nearly did more than once! I am thankful that I wasnt completely without internet that whole time. It sure was goodto have a long talk on the phone with my daughter though! (we didnt have a telephone either)

  4. YAY.....welcome back to the world!!! I love your ornaments ;-) Merry Christmas Diane

  5. Diane, the ruffled edge on your multi-colored ornament is amazing! How did you do that!!??

  6. wishing you a magical christmas! x