The terrible, no good, very bad day

Yesterday was the pits.I mean really! I stayed home from French class because the day before had taxed my poor toe so bad that it ended up being just as bad as the day before. It had been so much better but all the walking, going up and down stairs and just not being able to soak it and keep it up was too much for it.So I decided to take it easy and care for it yesterday. I planned on spending the day stitching while soaking my toe and envisioned much done. I started out by putting together the first velvet bag. When I first planned them they were supposed to have a top edge of about 1 1/2 inches and then the ties. Why did I sew it only 1/2 inch down? It looked terrible! Then I take it out and of course, stitch lines. Great big, huge, evident stitch lines. *sigh*
So I put it down and walked away from it.I decided to work on my leaf next. The fabric was terribly wrinkled so first I went to iron it. The wrinkles WILL NOT come out! I steamed it. I soaked it. I sprayed it with vinegar and water. They wont budge. This is a piece from a sheet and the only thing I can figure out is that someone dried this too long on high. SO...I wasted time dyeing it. I wasted time drawing the picture onto it.It is not usable for this piece. *sigh*
By this time it is afternoon and I am really getting in a mood. I decide to try the ribbon on the bottom of the skirt. D acts weird about it so I thought I would try to dress it up a bit. I thought maybe it was too bohemian for him. SO..I stitch away and the machine just tears the ribbon right up. It is way too delicate for machine stitching. Sitting there contemplating whether to try a diffferent ribbon or handstitch the one I have. Ask D what he thinks of the skirt once again and he tells me he doesnt like the color! I could just cry! I have no more material. I have no more time. I need to finish this now. SO I guess I will be attending his friends wedding in a skirt he doesnt like.*sigh*
Today I woke up in such a mood. I dont want to sew. I dont want to create. I am just GRRR! Hope this passes soon...
9 comments on "The terrible, no good, very bad day"
  1. Horrible, terrible, no good, very bad days pass too, my dear. It just means things will get better :}

  2. Dear Diane, everyone of us knows days when nothing works out, and this is agony for creative people. Maybe only few are honest enough to report it like you did. Each day has its own quality. No use mending sails while the storm is still raging.

  3. Thank you both for your encouraging words. As my sis said...this too will pass. I guess the good days wouldn't look so good without a little bad to compare them to?

  4. I would have kicked him ;)

    hope today got better and the mood passed :)

  5. I can understand exactly how you've been feeling! But.....Sh*t happens!

    ....and then, as quickly as it happens......it stops, and the sun comes out again.

    Chin up...

    Hugs heading towards Talence...

    x x x x Chris

  6. Oh that's horrible. I wouldn't go shoe shopping or get ice cream anytime soon (That really is one of my favorite books).

    All the best....

  7. Don't know what to say....other than I've been there and I guess we all have. Hope by the time you read this, things have turned around, as they always do.

  8. oh dear. I really hope you are feeling better now. Had a bad day myself this week so understand how you feel, take care, Karen x

  9. Thanks all, I guess everyone experiences one of those days occasionally!