I'm still alive!

I'm sorry that I dropped off the earth there for awhile. I'm afraid this last week had me totally overwhelmed!

This last weekend was the wedding of our friends. The husband has been a dear friend of my husband for a long time. D was one of his witnesses at the wedding. Something I didn't realize till this last week. Last I talked to you all I had a fever.
Since then I have had:
An unexpected guest for dinner, someone I had never met before.
A different unexpected house guest for three days,
Mad shopping for the correct shirt,tie and shoes for D,
Mad shopping for the correct wedding gifts and a basket to put them all in,

More shopping for the paper and plastic to wrap them in,
Feverish sewing on my top to finish it,

Designing and constructing of a corset belt that I ended up not wearing,

Packing for the trip,
Three days of celebrating, eating and general revelry!

We arrived home late Sunday evening worn out! I got up early yesterday and dashed off to class, came home in time to receive my grocery delivery (man am I loving that!) and then I made two beautiful spinach quiche. popped them in the oven AND....the power went out. Seems our oven has decided to go on the blink. Even with everything else in the entire house unplugged it STILL trips the breaker.
A word to the wise, never ever let your husband near the oven unless the drip pan is in it. Mine had an inch of grease in the bottom fromhis magret stuffed with goats cheese...and it seems to have seeped inside the oven itself >.<

So when I arrived home today after class I'm sure you can understand why all I wanted to do was sit here and do NOTHING. I feel like I've been flattened by a semi truck!
4 comments on "I'm still alive!"
  1. I'm feeling your pain. Have been rushed off my feet with work & today have had one of the most disastrous days ever....

    The wedding pics look lovely ;)

  2. OMG...Diane...I am exhausted just reading this post ;-)...sit..relax..and recoup!

  3. the bride's dress is gorgeous!

    the corset belt looks great, what did you end up wearing?

  4. welcome back, I was getting worried there!
    and your top looks lovely!