The ever famished sleep monster

Still not quite there, but I think I see the light at the end of the tunnel. Went to the doctor Wednesday and he ordered blood tests. still waiting for the results. He also ordered a mild sedative to help with my sleep. I am generally opposed to such measures. Earlier this year they tried giving me strong pain medication to help me sleep. It did wonders for the pain..not for the sleep. I am to the point though, where even though I am in my bed with my eyes swollen from no sleep I cannot fall into that blessed relief! I have been for two weeks now on an ever spiralling downward path of no sleep and constant exhaustion.

Last night, I slept.

So today I am ever hopeful. I am piddling around. Sorting my fabrics. Thinking of the next steps to each project. WANTING to do. That is something I havent had, The Want. I will do today. If even only a little.
4 comments on "The ever famished sleep monster"
  1. Have you tried Melatonin? It's a natural body chemical that's available in a bottle/jar. I've been using it for a while now and it's BRILL!

    Take it about 20 mins before going to bed - and NoddyLand is the next thing you know.

    ...and if "brainchatter" is your problem too....

    Go to the nearest pharmacie and get "Nux Vomica 30 en granules" (homeopathic medice) it's about 2 euros now...and have one about an hour before bed with noting other than water (no strong tastes/smells/toothpaste!)

    Hope you're feeling better soon

    x Chris

  2. I am very jealous of my sleep, and hate insomnia--hope things work out

  3. hopefully the blood tests come back fine, waiting is always nerve wrecking. I hate taking meds for sleeping. After awhile it gets harder for me to fall asleep because my body depends on them :/

    and hopefully you sleep again!

  4. Chris-thanks for the advice, I have not tried these

    Arlee-thank you...insomnia is a horrid beast!

    Jennifer Rose- should be getting my results soon and I hope so too! THe meds doc gave me are already helping though :)