Sorry for my absence

Ok, I admit it, I have been avoiding my blog because I have been in a foul mood. It just wouldn't let up. I was ready to just quit making things, and that bugs me. So instead of forcing things I just quit. Only thing I did was work on my skirt and top, which doesnt really count. I think it was needed.
D and I took off for a fun weekend trip up to La Roule which is east of here. Its an old tobacco country and has many old wooden tabacco barns there. It is only the second time I have seen a concentration of wooden buildings since I came to France. Almost all buildings here are of stone, including the barns! We had much good food, a few too many beers and other spirits and slept in the tent...without a mattress...which we put up in the dark after all the fun. Boy let me tell you, if you forget how old you are just try a night on the ground...it will all come back to you :p

I do have a few pics. Here is my nice selection of beads before I added them to my skirt and aother of a short section of the hem finished. The top is still a ways from being done.

I also finished up kokopelli and he is ready to be mounted to a velvet bag...

And here is my bag I messed up, I have yet to fix it but know how Im going to.Maybe now that I am in a better mood thats what will happen *grin*

BTW..the tassels are hand made with bits of my dyed floss. I really love them!

Hope you are all well. I have missed you!
6 comments on "Sorry for my absence"
  1. I love the kokopelli, he matches my earring :-)

  2. Lovely to have you back. In the meantime, the floss arrived. Thank you so much, I love to use it -- and I owe you a favour.
    In times of lacking inspiration, I believe the work should not be forced, so you are perfectly right to do something else instead.

  3. the hem of the skirt is really pretty :D the beads looks very nice

    yeah if there isn't an air mattress I don't sleep in a tent ;) way too hard on my back and I always end up with the rock under my head :p

  4. Guzzisue~ Thank you,I seem to keep coming back to him...
    Eva~ It is I who owe you...for being such a good friend! So glad you have been enjoying the floss. It makes it worth the effort :) I amquite glad with my decision to back off a bit, I once again feel that need to do that is so impotant to me!
    Jennifer Rose~ Thank you so much! I dont know why I couldnt leave it alone but it I'm glad I didn't now :)
    Yes, I knew going in that I was asking for it, but sometimes I just cant help myself LOL!

  5. Good for you, to recognize you needed a time out. I think that is how we keep a balance in life as an artist.

  6. If you had not said you were gone I would never have known...I was gone also;-) Sometimes we just need a break. Glad you are back!