Small World

I promised you a post yesterday but instead I slept! I went to class and realized in the middle of it that I had a fever. I was wondering why the talkative giirl on the other side of the class was getting on my nerves more than usual *grin* Anyway...I slept my afternoon away and then couldnt sleep once again last night. So as I tried to drift off to sleep I had an idea come to me, and I am excited about it! I am going to show you three pictures I took of small world with some border ideas I had, but I am not doing a one of them!

I have better ideas ^_^ It's nice to know where it started though. Now I am off to dye, for today I am excited, I have new ideas!!

6 comments on "Small World"
  1. and will it involve dye-ing? looking forward to seeing the end result no matter what you do!

  2. most definitely dyeing. I am still trying to talk myself into going to do that now...moving very s-l-o-w today LOL

  3. I like the second frame most. Good luck with the dyeing! -- Love to work with your floss!

  4. wel I'm looking forward to the better ideas, these look great so I'm curious as to what the better ideas look like :)

  5. Your 'Small World' creation looks fantastic!!! I have to tell you that love your blog (I know I've already told you this!) which is why I have picked you as one of my 15 favourite blogs for the 'One lovely blog award'. Congrats and here is the link for you to accept the award if you wish to!
    Thanks for your time,
    Brenda (FADjewellery on twitter)

  6. where are you? I hope you are better now, x


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