Lovely Linen!

I have been a busy bee this week. I dyed some more linen and these two pieces I just fell in love with! So happy with this wonderful stuff. I cant wait to dye more of it. I also have been dyeing a pile of ribbons and several new velvet pieces. I so love playing with my dyes!

I have also been working on my rose choker and it is coming along nicely. I have the three component that I plan on using finished and now I just need to join them...although still not sure if the top piece will work out. I guess I will know soon :)

Hope you all have been enjoying a creative and restful week so far!
3 comments on "Lovely Linen!"
  1. This choker is so nostalgic! Would go with a Victorian outfit, wouldn't it? -- Your fabrics are lovely, too.

  2. Gorgeous colors in the linen - and WOW - beautiful choker!

  3. ...lovely colours....again!

    ...and I know how you love your dyes :-)))