ribbons and lace

I have been working on this beaded lace. This is my second version and I will probably stick with it. It's not perfect in my opinion but seeing as I have little skill with beading and this is a pattern I altered, it would probably take many revisions before I got what I considered perfect. This will be added to the Rose Choker I am working on. I cant wait to get that piece finished.

Today I cut ribbons to dye...lots of ribbons!

5 comments on "ribbons and lace"
  1. ..have fun girl!

    ps...I just ordered one of your silk velvet packs ....to spoil myself and a few others :-)

    1. Why am I just seeing this comment <3 Hope you enjoyed the velvet *grin*

  2. Diane, I found you post on re-knitting holes in sweater and such. I had a few question if you could have some time to email me. Thank you for your time. J9

  3. Hi Cullen, I would love to discuss re-knitting with you but I am afraid your email address is not available to me.