Beads Galore

I started using Plurk. If you don't know what Plurk is, it's similar to twitter, but not really. I have met a lot of really great and wonderful people on there and a lot of them are jewelers. I have seen some amazing work and I have to admit they have piqued my interest. Now I dont ever see myself becoming a jeweler but I have always had a passion for beads. A lot of my work is heavy with it.

I decided to explore this passion a little further when I started working on this choker of mine. So yesterday I tried my hand at beadweaving. Now this is just an experimental piece but similar to the one I hope to make for this choker. I really like how it turned out and can't wait to get the beads to finish this. It wont be quite the same but it gives you an idea. What do you think?

5 comments on "Beads Galore"
  1. I think it is beautiful and you probably already read the warning on every bead packet about addiction? I am stitching at the moment but the beads are calling, be careful, be very very careful. I hope you are feeling well again.

  2. THank you Emma

    I'm afraid it's too late Robyn..I have fallen:Hook, Line and sinker *sigh*

  3. Yes it is lovely. So well chosen, these flower beads and the other colors. It goes so well with the velvet piece; but I would love to see it on someone's neck, as well!