Hope Springs Eternal

It's been a week of hope here. As many of you know, I fell a little over a year ago in December which started me on my decline. Slowly over time my hip has become increasingly painful and my ability to get around has greatly decreased. I had great hope in this last December when I visited a new doctor who gave me cortisone shots. I felt no pain for 5 days. I had forgotten what no pain felt like. It was pure bliss to be able to maneuver again, get off the bed without an effort,etc. I think the pain was even more devastating when it came back. I learned the hard truth that this form of injury does not heal easily. That even walking, getting out of a chair or climbing stairs is irritating it. All this time I had thought if I only exercise more it will go away. This time it's not that easy though.
So this last week I went for the first time to visit my new physical/massage therapist. HE worked on my back and set me up for three appointments this coming week. The pain is still here, and I know this will be a slow road but I now know WHAT is the problem and also what I can do to help fix it. I have learned the exercises that can help correct it and what NOT to do (which I think might be the most important thing to know) SO I have hope that this can be fixed, and that is much better than having nothing!

So besides therapy sessions this week I have been sewing. I worked on my moon choker last night, learning to bead a cabochon for the first time. I am loving this piece and plan to add more beads to it!

I also went into town with my honey as I needed to buy more dyes. We stopped at a wonderful restaurant and had sushi. It was the best I have had here, very fresh! He also bought me these...aren't they cute?!

6 comments on "Hope Springs Eternal"
  1. :-( bad hips are sooo painful! hope the new exercises help..this choker is stunning...so good to see your amazing work...cute tacks...:-)

  2. Thanks Miki, you are such a sweety ((hugs))

  3. I get the hip thing too!...especially on a long car journey, when it gets soooo painful it's like bad toothache.

    I do hope you can find some relief somewhere...

    ...and I'm glad that you've got a man who spoils you now and again :-)

    Worth his weight in Procion MX dyes!!

  4. Hi Diane, just received some of your lovely silk gauze, all 3 pieces look gorgeous. So sorry to hear about your hip; I suffer from fibromyalgia so I can fully sympathise with your pain and then your need to try and do something about it. I am constantly trying to do things that I think might help and getting into worse trouble. Good luck with your treatment. Good wishes from Robyn in Australia

  5. Oh no :( I hope the massage helps.

    That choker is beautiful, but more beads would definitely be good ;)

  6. I'm so glad that you are getting some relief. I can sympathize with you!

    And that sushi looks yummy!