I got my muse back!

So surprise, surprise...it didn't take long with my needle in hand for my muse to come creeping back too. Did I say creeping? I mean out and out knocking the breath out of my body gale force speed. I have been bowled over with ideas and hoping I can catch even a few of them!
It started out when I brought Small World out of deep sleep. It is now hanging on my board looking down on me. I worked two days non-stop and now the border is finished. The only thing that remains is the back mounting. It's journey is almost done.

After I finished I picked up some of my new velvet ribbon and started to play with it. This is a few of the WIP photos. It is only a small beginning...but it IS a beginning!

2 comments on "I got my muse back!"
  1. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to have one's muse back? I'm taking a new start, too. Very romantic, this rose embroidery!

  2. I love this! Romantic is a great description. So glad to see your muse kicked in high gear.