Poor Internet

How I wish I had a decent connection again. Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful for what I have, but I'm afraid that I can't get much done these days with such a slow connection. Loading pictures is a long boring process and I find myself giving up long before even half of them are taken care of.I already feel so behind having put my life on hold for a month to move. Every minute I waste with this messy connection is one less minute to sew! So...forgive me if I havent been posting much. It's only a temporary thing. I have lots I want to tell you all every day, and then I remember what a pain it is to get on and I don't.
I have finished several velvet bags and all three of my christmas stockings I was working on. I still don't have pics of them all but here is a shot of some of my bags.

I do love working on these. Right now that's about all I can do. Too many things on my mind to work on anything more complicated. These are my therapy! *grin*
Hope you are all havinga good week!
4 comments on "Poor Internet"
  1. Oh beautiful! You have been busy. I love the velvet together with the symbols, somehow different. More simple and clear, less baroque. I like the new style!

  2. Sorry about your slow internet connection, Cymmy, that can't be fun. Those bags are beautiful, you are so talented!


  3. Great Therapy results! ! !
    We all need it once in a while.
    I do enjoy reading your posts - nice for my therapy.
    Gerry in mid-Missouri

  4. your bags are lovely Diane! So sorry for your slow connection status ;-(