Hippie Embroidery

I had a photo of mine published as an example in this article written by Arlee Barr on the Mr Xstitch site. Click on the link to read it. It's a great article and it made me realize that yes...my work is hippie embroidery

Arteries – Hippie Embroidery

5 comments on "Hippie Embroidery"
  1. I could have told you. I thought you knew.
    A retired hippie

  2. and thank you for allowing me the use of your photo, sweetie:}

  3. well done you! How are you? I haven't been by for ages I've been so busy. Hope you are well, Karen

  4. Yes, I do detect a spirit/an essence of that era in your work and life.

  5. Eva~ sometimes things are right in my face and I totally miss them!

    Arlee~ anytime ^_^

    Karen~ I have also been lax in my visits. We must ccorrect this!

    Nellie~ It is an era I have always loved as it is very much a part of one of my favorite people.