Still slow

The wait for my own internet is dragging out unbearably. I had heard stories of how bad it could be but I thought they were exaggerated. They aren't.
Now I'm not sure if I have my facts straight on this so dont quote me on it, but here is how I understand the situation to be. There is one company here in France that controls all the lines. The other companies rent the lines from them. Supposedly if you move into a house or apartment where the line wasnt activated with the company you are chosing to use, the company that owns the lines has been known to take their own sweet time in activating it for you. Such a situation seems to be the one we have ran into. D has spoken to them several times and they say everything is taken care of. We are still waiting....
In the meantime I find myself putting off posting as I dont want to battle the internet to upload my pictures. Today I chose to post without pics. Too many days have gone by without.
I havent let the internet problem slow me down though. I have been busy. I am still settling into my studio and I think I will be for awhile. I need a few pieces of furniture to make it more workable and frankly we can'tafford it at the moment. Moving here pretty much broke the bank! It is set up well enough for me to do some work though. I need a table for cutting, laying out, etc so all big projects are on hold.I dont want to be moving back and forth between this room and the dining room table. This week I worked on another crazy quilt stocking, this one in blues. All the embroidery is finished on that and I only need to sew it up. Two velvet bags have their embroidery finished also and again...just need to be sewn up. I also put together two sweet little fairy boots for christmas ornaments. They are all finished and I promise I will post pics of them soon.As soon as I can brave the uploads...
2 comments on "Still slow"
  1. What a drag about the internet. Hope they will fix it soon.

  2. Can you scrounge up an old door or chunk of plywood and set it up on boxes? worked a dream for me for a long time:}