Pictures Finally!

SO I was determined today to get some pics uploaded. I knew it would take half the afternoon so I just sat here and winded trims while they loaded. I have been busy organizing my studio still. Cant get over how much organizing I seem to be doing. Was it really that much of a mess? BTW! great idea about the door Arlee but there really doesnt seem to be anyplace around here TO scrounge. I did find an ikea table for 45 euros though. I am saving ;)

Here are a few shots of my little shoes I have been making.

I just SO love to make these I'm not sure why I stopped. I think they would make great christmas ornaments. They are only 2" long! SO I may make some more of them. Don't know yet.

Also worked on this stocking. I love blue even in christmas.

In fact, I tend toward unconventional even during christmas.

My tree was always white lights and crystal with hints of gold. I do miss all my christmas ornaments. This will be my first year with a tree here. We have went to Moirax to the familys the last two years so no need for a tree. This year they are all flying up HERE! Even grandfather. The doctor cleared him for the flight so we are very lucky to get to have him for christmas. I am very happy about it. I have no decorations for my tree though :p Guess I better get busy ^_^
8 comments on "Pictures Finally!"
  1. Ya had ta be in France! I have about ten good flat doors in my basement waiting for a studio..!! Hi sweetie..big love ...everything looks marvelous and your Christmas plans sound like such fun! Joy to you and D..Miki

  2. Love your tiny shoes. They are darling. Each a treasure.

  3. Yes, these fairy shoes... wait and see, some day you'll see them walking across the room on their own, then you'll know they are worn by a fairy.
    Keeping fingers x-ed for you to get a fast data connection soon. How long does it take to read your favourite blogs, though?

  4. Miki~missing you. Wish I was there, I would be right over to take one of those doors off your hands *hehe* Sending you more fairy dust....

    Gerry~Thanks somuch! I love them and I think thats half the reason I enjoy making them so much. Little treasures :)

    Eva~ *feeling properly chastened* YOu are right, I have been a stranger in the blogging community these days. I am afraid I overwhelmed myself with WAY TOO MANY blogs. When I try to reduce the number I talk myself right back into keeping them all. I CANT read them all though. I know that so I dont know why I keep them all on my list. It has become a terrible burden and has turned a great joy sour. Any solutions?

  5. those are cute colourful shoes :D would look nice for bigger feet too not just little fairies ;)

  6. Diane, this is from another Diane who found you through Pat Winters' blog. Lovely blog! I'll be back and I will be adding you to my favorites. Now...to do some more peeking here!
    Happy weekend!

  7. Jennifer~ I have seriously considered making some larger ones, you may yet see some someday!

    Diane~Nice to meet you and thanks for stopping by!

    Emmy~ Thank you! they are just a little piece of whimsey but I love them too!