A wealth of stitches

I have finally finished my first purse! It took me a lot longer than I expected, but I attribute that to a LOT of hand stitching. Since I did a big part of the piecework by hand even before I started the embroidery it was a little more time consuming than it could have been. I know that the next one will go quicker. Mainly because YAY! I have a new machine but also because I wont take so long deciding which stitch to put where. I can be so silly worrying about what color to put next to another, and trying not to do the same stitch twice in one area. I think it turned out being really fun and I thoroughly enjoyed doing it.

I have already started a second one and I also did the front piece for a different type of purse, although after I put this together I realized I dont have any material to complete the body of this one. I am setting it aside till I can either pick up a piece of nice dark blue denim, or throw the lighter piece I have here into a dark blue dye bath.

P.S. I used pieces from two of the materials I just dyed. I just love the bright colors! I have the blue piece and the blue and green mix that I can also make into a block like this. I'm planning on doing some more dyeing experiments this week as after Thursday I have A WHOLE WEEK OFF from class! *big grin*
3 comments on "A wealth of stitches"
  1. The purse looks great, worth all the effort invested in it. Love the dyed fabric

  2. Taking the time to decide on colors and stuff is what makes your purse so pretty!

  3. That is a marvelous purse ... casual, intricate, and funky.