Grumpy bunny longs for sunny beaches....

This is my favorite photo I have ever taken. Its old, bent and worn but still chereished. I have taken many more photos that I'm sure other people would say were much better than this one. I love the expression in this one though. The carefree spirit and triumphant feeling it speaks to me. Ah to be so young and free again eh?

I am a bit grumpy today. Woke up with a scratchy throat and a sniffly nose. I have been working non-stop now for three days on my MIL's rug and last night I finally finished it! I wish I could say I woke up this morning rarinng to get to work on something else but truthfully I just wanted to crawl back under the covers and stay there.

I did make some nice homemade pita bread and hummus and I'm afraid that drained me of what little energy I had. I am snuggling down on the couch to moan and groan my afternoon away. Maybe after a bit of a rest I may get inspired again. I hope you all are feeling better than I. Take care....
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