Building a stash

My MIL gave me this wonderful old sheet. Heavy. Not like the sheets you see back home. It had several holes and stains in it but it was such wonderful cloth! That is what I used to make my last two dye experiments. The sapphire blue and cotton candy mix, and the navy blue and emerald green mix. I had ripped the sheet into four pieces. I decided to dye the two remaining ones today. One a nice mix of stormy grey and old rose, the other a peach color combined with the cotton candy. I have never been a great lover of pink but I do love that deep hot shade. I cant wait to see what it looks like mixed with the creamy orangy peach color I used. Finally I am getting some color to use.
My husband asked me why I dont do more piece work. Why I dont cut shapes out with fabric and put them together to make a picture were his exact words *hehe* I explained to him that to do so requires the material to do it. The colors and fabrics to bring about the inspiration. Its not about "special" fabrics and costly laces. Its about ideas brought forward by the play of light on a surface. The glimpse of a face in the folds. The imagination springing to life in the lines and colors upon the surface of your work. And so now I play with color. Already my hands itch to cut into the pieces I have before me.
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  1. Okay, I will let you get by with the pitiful excuse that you don't have enough fabric yet....but I find NO humor in making peice-work quilts from shapes cut from fabric =p