A little pink...

...or purple, however you see it. I have finished my little bag and I think it's quite cute. It doesn't look quite as pink as I thought it would at first. The jeans material after washing took on more of a purple hue. I really love how all the colors flow into each other, the benefits of dying your own material! I have plans for another of these in a green blue combination. After I finished this one I decided maybe it would be fine as a gift for my friend. Not so girly-girl after all *grin*

Right now though, it's back to crazy quilting another jeans bag. I finished the piecing of it today and already had half of the front embroidery done on it. It is going so much faster than the first one.
1 comment on "A little pink..."
  1. That's just gorgeous! I'll have to go back and see what you did to the denim. Nice seam work.


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