Les Vacances

Sorry I have been a bit slack this week with posts. I have a week off from class and my MIL came in this weekend for a visit. As always we had a wonderful visit. We also took a trip up to Bordeaux-Lac. Now when I first came to France I thought they had no big stores. Everywhere I went there were tiny little shops dedicated to some of the most interesting merchandise. Shoelace shops...yes we have them and corset stores too. *hehe* Well yes, France does have big stores, they just hide them. They are usually built on the outskirts of the big towns and here it is a nice long drive. I live in the southwest suburb of Bordeaux called Talance. The stores are located in the far North suburb...Bordeaux-Lac. Since we dont own a car, D and I have never made a trip there. Upon arriving the first thing I saw was Ikea. Yes, we have an Ikea...not only that, We have a Toys R Us! Our destination was a little different though. We were going to Eurasie. A huge asian grocery store! Now I have to admit, it wasnt Uwajimaya's, but it was a sight for these poor eyes. I have been making do with the little asian lady's grocery store a bus ride from our house, who's store is as big as a closet. (here in the regular grocery stores you are lucky to find much beyond soy sauce, their foreign sections leave much to be desired) Eurasie was far from that, I was greeted with aisle after aisle of rice flour, black beans, palm sugar, etc. We loaded up on many sauces and various other sundries that I have needed to complete many a recipe. I think we will be eating Asian a lot this month *grin*
After leaving Eurasie we went in search of another place I have been wanting to visit. Alice. One thing I have been unable to find here is a lot of the things I need to complete my work. I had hoped this store would carry some of my missing items but unfortunately it didnt. It was still a great store and had many fun things in it. Some nice craft papers, beads, paints, even some DMC's (not the colors I needed though) So I left with only this...

but I was wanting to try my hand at this for awhile. I would like to make myself some buttons. Or possibly some beads. I spent yesterday watching a few tutorials on milliflori bead making with Fimo and it looks quite fun. I must aquire a razor knife first I think.
Also yesterday was my 1 year wedding anniversary. D had to work all day on a project for class but we were invited to go see a friend mix last night so he wrapped up early. It's the first time I've been out for quite awhile and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. Good music and friends is a great combination! I was so happy I didnt have class this morning though!
I have also been working on completing the little purse I started. I dyed a piece of denim with the dark pink I have, and I completed the layer the will be under the front flap of the purse. It has several pockets fro credit cards and a nice clear pocket to hold an ID. I will try to finish this in the next day or so and show you all a pic. I had planned this one for a gift to a friend but I think it will be going on etsy instead. I have decided tis a little too pink for her. I think I have an idea of one I will mkae for her. Possibly a smaller coin purse or somesuch. Anyway...I am off to do more dying, sewing and such. Two more days of vacation so I must take advantage!

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