of Raclette and wandering into the countryside

I am slowly starting to get my frog legs! I have already ventured out for a dinner with one of D's friends and then we had a dinner party ourselves. We had a raclette night! D's good friend from Moirax is on vacation and he and his girlfriend drove up to see us. Since they were coming D invited another friend over also and decided raclette would be perfect. Raclette is a type of cheese but it is also this sumptuous feast of potatoes and cheese and different types of meat (like different luncheon meats mainly), etc. They have a special appliance that has a grill plate on the top and a second tier below that you stick little trays into with your cheese sliced up into them. They sit there and bubble away till they melt into wonderful cheese goodness, then you take the tray out and pour the cheese over the top of your meat and potatoes. The grill on top is to heat up different selections of bacon, etc that you might want to include. This stuff is divine! :p I swear though...I couldn't move afterwards *grin*

All in all this evening went well. Everyone was very kind to me and after warming up a little with an apperro they all tried out their English on me. Good thing as my knowledge of French is still so tiny I cant really even speak sentences yet.
After an enjoyable evening our guest bedded down in the livingroom and we all prepared for an early rise in the morning. We were going to stay for a week or so in Moirax at D's parents house. They are spending a month in the mountains so the house is just sitting there empty.
The drive to Moirax was quite fun (more work on my French :p) I finally had an opportunity to view some of the countryside. On arriving to the parental home...who do we see but this little old man watering away around the house. D's grandfather was there taking care of the flowers and such...so here I get to meet him without even getting a chance to get all nervous and such. D tells him immediately that I don't understand French. He says "Not even a little?" With a shocked look on his face. I sadly shook my head. Well, that didn't seem to phaze him at all. He took one good look at me and started rambling away in French with a big grin on his face! D tried to translate as much as possible and I have to tell you, he is a charmer. Funny as can be! I really enjoyed his company and I cant wait to learn French just so I can talk to him. LOL!

The countryside there is beautiful and we enjoyed many long evenings of peace and solitude with a few barbeques thrown in ^_^

I think D is in love with the idea of Barbeques since we have had several since I've been here.

I got a chance to know his friends a little better as we had several evenings with them. Also one wonderful afternoon meal with his grandfather at his house. I commented on an old kerosene lantern that he had there. My father collected lanterns but I had never seen such an unusual one. Well...he tried to give it to me...and then he tried to give me half the other dishes in his kitchen! HE served a very tasty meal of white fish, potatoes, tomatoes and...some of his very own foie gras. He insisted I needed mre and more until D took the plate away and put it in the refrigerator(also taking back some of the huge pile he had stacked on my plate) After filling my glasses several times with a red and then a white wine, he brought out a bottle of brut and a bottle of Almondnac ( and yes Im SURE Im misspelling this one) His eyes lit up as he told me how wonderful this drink was...and that two would knock you on your ass ^_^ I think D's grandfather was trying to get me drunk! Well I have to admit, after a few glasses of that and the walk back to the house, I took a nice LONG afternoon nap. Ah I am having way too much fun ^^
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  1. No you're not having to much fun, you are just living the french life.
    Racheal x

  2. Too bad all this stuff is backwards!...I need to always scroll down, and read up 0.o I saved all these pics on slideshow...up to today...so Caleb can see them all the time, sliding by as he's walking thru the room.
    C'est bon =)