My Visit to Illinois

I had a wonderful time in Illinois visiting my sister and my kids. The first two days I basically laid around and slept. I've been running on empty for days on end and I think I was on the point of exhaustion. I took TWO naps one day!

On Sunday the kids and I went to visit my brother and his wife and daughter. They had a wonderful BBQ for us.

Stormy cooked up a wonderful meal and we had a good time visiting. Lauren has grown quit big and she is quite the comedian. ON relating to her one story of my brothers pranks on me as a child, she leaned over and whispered to her Mom, "My dad is evil!" LOL what a cutie ^__^ The day after the BBQ I went out to lunch with my dear friend Renae. It was soo good to see her and catch up on all thats been going on. I really enjoy her company and we had a fantastic day together. After that day my sis and I just took it easy a few days. We spent them all alone and just took time to sit and talk awhile. I miss my sister much. She is one of the few people that I truly feel comfortable with and I really enjoyed our time together. The next to the last day of my visit I took the kids out for some IMO's Pizza. Now Imo's Pizza is ONLY my all time favorite pizza in the world so far (D has told me of some pretty good pizza in France though so I may soon change my opinoin) We also stopped to visit one of my other sis's Sandi. She was working away as usual at her shopped. Chained to her sewing machine. She took us on a whirlwind tour of all three of her shops...the dress shop, fabric shop and of course the costuem shop. What an amazing place. So much fun! I think I could get lost in that place forever and never come up for air. Just the costmes alone are overwhelming. The upstairs has row after row after row of itemized, catagorized groups of costumes. Some for theatrical presentations, some just labeled "1920's", "pirates", etc. It was great fun and I wish I had more time to spend with her...but we had a fun dinner planned with all the kids that evening so I rushed off to get there on time.

We had a nice dinner with all of the kids...hers and mine...plus their mates after that. It was good times and good eating ^^. My sis makes wonderful pulled pork and the pot of brats and italian sausages was overflowing. I think everyone had a good time, I know I did!

The last day before I left my friend Renae returned again and took me home to spend the night with her. She had offered to take me to the airport the next day and it was so nice to get to spend one more evening with her and her husband also.

They cooked a wonderful meal of Salmon with a pistachio paste on it, asparagus, tomatoes and Rainier Cherries.The next morning she woke me up with OJ and coffee in bed! How spoiled can I get? After a great breakfast of omelettes, sausages and mixed fruit I was off to the airport to continue my journey to France. I was so nervous I couldnt stop shaking. Soon I would be with my honey ^____^
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