we'll be riiiight back....

Sorry for the small delay in updating this blog. I feel like I'll never catch up. I still haven't written about our visit to the old church in Moirax or our visit to the mountains. The truth is I barely spend any time on the computer these days and when I do it's been on my language software. I am going CRAZY not knowing French. I hate going places and not understanding anything. We had to go do our blood tests for the marriage Friday and I sat there listening to D and the doc talk and didnt understand a word. I HATE IT! Seriously. I'm beginning to wonder if my methods are even going to work. I guess I am being a bit hard on myself though. I have only been here a little over a month LOL! Anyway...I'm back to practicing French, I promise I'll tell you all about my travels soon ^___^
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  1. Hi,
    The language will come don't worry, at least that's what they tell me. I must admit I could have worked on it more than I have but even so I have still picked up a lot. What is the software that you are using and is it any good.

    Bye the way, I have added you to my list of french blogs links.
    Racheal x