On Friday, after resting up the entire week, D took me into the city center to do some exploring. When we got off the tram at the square it was full of little booths. They were mainly of clothes and shoes and we wandered down the street past them and tried to steer through the HUGE crowds of people. D explained that it was Friday afternoon and most people got off work early and they were all out enjoying the beautiful day. We finally arrived down in the cities center and found a nice plaza where we sat down at one of the many cafe's located around the edges and imbibed in a drink. I had much fun people watching. The atmosphere here is so different from back home. Everyone seems so much more relaxed.

After our drink we wandered down to the water mirror, which is an amazing area along the river where they have created a large surface area covered by about 6 inches of water. It is constantly refreshed by pumps and it looks like a large mirror. There were many people wading through it when we arrived and so we joined them ^_^
Bordeaux is truly a beautiful city and I really think I will enjoy living here. We wandered for hours through the winding little streets seeing MANY beautiful sights.

Afterwards we dined at an interesting little mexican restaurant on the plaza outside. Once again it was a plaza with several establishments having their tables and chairs set up around it. This one with a small church on one side.

During our meal a small group of musicians set up in the middle and serenaded us. The appetizer was brought out on what looked like long cutting boards with handles on them. They had 8 small bowls hollowed out of the surface and in each one was either a small tortilla filled with different ingredients or an ingredient to top them with. IT was delicious. They also brought us a large pitcher of Sangria with two VERY LONG straws. They were so long we couldn't really use them (about 3 foot long) but it was very funny to try. After our main course (steak and chicken fajitas) D informed me that the meal included two desserts 0.0 I was so full I could barely move but who can resist their first dessert in France? so..I indulged ^_^
All in all it was a wonderful first visit into my city. I think I will enjoy living here and I cant wiat to do more exploring!
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  2. You are making me soooo miss Europe! I loved the little plaza cafes in Spain!! The people watching, the food, and the chillness of it all! They really enjoy life!! I'm happy for you!!