Happy Easter from France

I went down to the village this week and took some photos of the Easter decorations around town. I thought you might enjoy seeing them.

One of the first things I noticed when I came here was the difference in how we celebrate our holidays. Things are so much simpler here. The commercial aspect is not so in your face. It is here of course, there is no avoiding it, but it is much more subtle and tolerable.

Christmas my first year here was like a breath of fresh air. It was so sweet and calm. Now granted I was a newlywed, that might have had something to do with it. *big grin*

But I look back on my life in the US and when I think of the holidays all I remember was the constant need to buy things. The kid's baskets had to be overloaded with candy and not just candy but now they had to have gifts too! The whole house had to be decorated and a big meal planned. Christmas was ten times worse. I hated how all the holidays were just about how much stuff a person could get.

Here that doesn't hold true as much. People still enjoy the holidays for themselves. I know it gets worse each year. The advertisements get more bold, the children have bigger desires.

 Soon I am sure it will become another retailer's dream but for now I am enjoying the sweet simplicity that is here. It is a magical place.
2 comments on "Happy Easter from France"
  1. Happy - belated - Easter. Lovely photographs, it felt like travelling. :)

    Don't worry so much about the commercial aspect, or at least don't let it ruin the spirit of your holidays. France has resisted (the Easter commercialism) so far, it will probably resist for a long time.

    1. I am hoping so, each year it creeps in a little more. The fast food is really becoming bad, teenagers don't eat well anymore, etc. It's a big difference from when I arrived here 8 years ago but there is still plenty of charm to go around! Glad you enjoyed the photos :)