Grapefruit Body Butter Recipe and Free Printable Spa Labels

       Did you know that there is a clinical study that shows grapefruit essential oil 
breaks down body fat? 
Seriously? I read this and had to read it three more times. 
I immediately went and read the study because, you know, I like my facts. 

All I could think is, if this is true 
why aren't there jars of grapefruit body butter flying off the shelves everywhere? 
The only answer I could come up with is, 
there is just too much bogus stuff floating around out there. 
Things that sound so fancy and exotic. Surely they must think that exotic works better. 
I mean, something that sounds so ordinary couldn't possibly work, right? 

Well this is what I know. Research in essential oils is only just starting to take off.. There is so much about them we don't even begin to understand. 
Don't even get me started on the dangers of essential oils. I will cover that topic later. 
I know this much though, I have a very healthy respect for them and I don't play around with them. 
I am working hard to learn everything I can about what really works. 
What has been proven in clinical trials not word of mouth "oh my neighbor said so" kind of proof.

This one is the real deal. 
You want to know something else wonderful about Grapefruit Essential Oil? 
Even just smelling the oil can help you lose weight. 
That's right...smelling it! 
So make yourself a big ole tub of body butter if you need it and pour some of that in your diffuser while you are at it! Your body will thank you :)

So this is a nice simple formula I whipped up to give it a try because I don't know about you but this old body can use all the help it can get in the extra layers department, if you know what I mean ;)
This one works up quick and only uses 5 ingredients:

Grapefruit Body Butter
4 ounces cocoa butter
4 ounces coconut oil
80 drops of grapefruit essential oil
10 drops of lavender essential oil
3 drops of cypress essential oil

1, Add the cocoa butter and coconut oil into a double boiler and melt. 
2. Remove from heat and add your essential oils. 
3. Let cool. You can put it in the refrigerator if you want to speed things up. 
4. When it looks solid take it out and whip it with a blender till light and fluffy.

Now the fourth step is optional. You don't have to whip it. You can just pour the mix straight into your container after adding the oils. Either way works it just depends on your preference!

I also made up these labels while I was at it. I wanted something bright and fresh to put on some of my spa formulas and thought while I was at it I would make up a printable PDF for my wonderful readers! I hope you enjoy this great body recipe and the labels to go with it!

Just click HERE to save your copy of the free editable and printable labels.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my latest recipe. I have to tell you, when I was making this is made the whole house just smell heavenly. Now I have a big jar full of heaven to enjoy and hopefully a thinner waist soon!

Have a great week!

Clinical studies...if you are into that kinda thing like me. :)



7 comments on "Grapefruit Body Butter Recipe and Free Printable Spa Labels"
  1. This sounds really wonderful. I may have to start making my own. I am becoming more and more intrigued by essential oils - may have to do a bit of research myself. Thanks for the recipe and the labels. Cathy

  2. Diane, I love all things citrus, and grapefruit is one of my favorites. This will be an enjoyable experiment! :) Thanks for the information,and the research, and the labels!

    1. Yes, me too. They smell so fresh and bright. I am doing the experiment too :D

  3. I have a friend who does the essential oils for the past couple of years. She swears by them. This recipe sounds and looks so good! And I love the pretty labels you added to make it just the right touch. - it will look good on the shelf and a gift basket!

  4. I shared to my FB page - maybe my friend will make me some to try - I got a birthday coming up!

  5. Oh I do hope she gets the hint. I am sure you will love it :)